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Special Message for ALL Readers

Last time I checked, it was still Spring. Glorious, outrageous, chartreuse wild green spring. Happiness is busting out all over in Mother Nature's world. And alas, not in mine.

The Empress regrets to report a sudden outbreak of Falling Down the Unhappy Hole occurred late spring in response to acute economic conditions. We are sure we are not alone in this condition, and we are dismayed by our own response.

However, this recent slowly ending episode of Dismal Anxiety brought new insight into the knowledge, skills and actions required to Get Happier when everything around one is dank and dismal.

For example, I learned more about the role of spontaneous, unsolicited, laughter for no reason at all. While it does not:

  • pay the bills
  • eliminate the grind of working more jobs at lower pay (if you cna find them!)
  • make life happier on a longer term basis

it does

  • make you feel better on the spot, which helps you keep going a little longer
  • reduce the risk of trips to the doctor (if you keep laughing now and then)
  • make others around you feel better which helps them be nicer to you

I also learned that sometimes you just have to hunker down and remember everything changes. Persistence is important when one unexpectedly finds onself in an Unhappy Hole! Even when it takes building a ladder in your head, remembering that :

  • change will occur--it always does--and a downturn is sooner or later followed by an upturn
  • the additive effects of consistently pointing in the desired direction sooner or later overwhelm the others
  • outlasting hard times rather than giving "them" the satisfaction of failure is key
  • wherever you put your efforts is where you find your harvest

have made these hard times easier. Persistence pays off--believe me.

I've also checked my expectations and learned once more that happiness is not about how much I have--it's about what I am willing to feel under any circumstance. All I can control--if I'm lucky--is my feelings.

  • I can be miserable doing day labor, or I can be grateful.
  • I can be anxious waiting for calls about other work, or I can be hopeful.
  • I can be stressed about the bills as I slash spending, or I can realize cutting expenses is good.
  • I can feel despair as I slog through this, or I can recognize a step forward puts it one step further behind me.

And so, as the Empress of Happy, I am sticking my head out of the dark, dank Unhappy Hole to say that I'm really liking the Fall light. It's soft and golden. Times are tough, and we--the residents of the land of Emerging Happy--are tougher.

We--you and I--have tools and tricks and tips--to help us Get Happier. We can make it through these times together. Stick around with me. Let me know how you're doing. I'll do the same.