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Free Articles :: Snubbing the American Dream!?

Snubbing the American Dream!?

Who'da thunk it?


Researchers finally prove that money, success and fame are NOT the keys to happiness--there goes the American Dream we've all lived for.


So if it's not the Joneses, the big houses, the next raise, all those things and the never ending search for more, more, more, what is it that makes us happy? Well, MIGHT make us happier.

You know me--it's not about the result--we're always moving, so it's about the process: starting wherever we happen to be when the notion strikes us and... getting happier.


It's not about what's outside. Not looks, money, stuff, things, houses, bigger, better, more. That leaves people feeling... anxious in the long run.

It's about the other side of the door. Increasing genuine esteem for yourself, increasing health, having more meaningful relationships--greater senses of well-being: these make people happier.


Which side of the door are YOU working on? Stuff? or Self? Run this quick check and choose for yourself:

--Got any goals NOT related to "more" money, stuff, things?
--Have friends with whom you talk about ideas, concepts, things other than.. people?
--Done any soul-searching, found a few habits you're changing?
--Pursuing happiness? Consciously?
--How's your level of self-care?


Go on--snub the American Dream. Stuff may come and go: you wake up to you every day.